Quote Me: What the Drug and Tech Industries have in Common

January 15, 2011

There are only two industries that refer to their customers as “users”.

— Edward Tufte (American statistician, information designer)


I finally had a chance to attend a Tufte conference (more of a “talk” really, a lecture with posters for sale) a few months back in Chicago. Great experience for anyone working in an increasingly data-driven world — not just us information/design/user-experience/technology professionals. I would’ve posted a review but was too immersed in his data visualization books during the weeks following… or something like that.

So I’ll leave it short and sweet:  A good thinker. A talented presenter. A solid story-teller. Even for those who disagree with his principles, who poke fun at his stance on PowerPoint, check him out if the opportunity presents itself. Even if his views differ from your own, it’s a great way to get some perspective on presenting information and visualizing data. Think better.


Mobile Phones and the Self

November 9, 2010

These machines, what a part of us they’ve become!  And whether we like it or not, what gadgets we carry around reflect something about us to the outside world. Similar to how our clothing and grooming do. How the type of music we listen to does. How the type of house-pets we keep do (I keep none, it’s against my building code). Not to say that the viewpoints expressed in this comic are entirely accurate… but hey, decide for yourself.

IPhone vs Android vs Blackberry

"How smartphone users see 2G phone users..."

‘The Onion’ on Tech Breakthroughs

June 29, 2010
Onion technology

Goggles sold separately

Tuesdays have always been under-appreciated days. So it’s in their honor that I dug up this fine article from 9 years ago. Seemed relevant.

(On a related note, check out this mildly-innovative onion technology.)

New Song, Same Ol’ Dance

April 29, 2010

Yeah, I went there.  Timeless and wildly prophetic, the graphic tree sequence vividly illustrates an all-too-common pattern in today’s high tech development world. This version also demonstrates the power of enlisting an extra sense (that auditory one) to drive a point home. For the full effect of this diddly, play from your cube with the sound up, base up. Loud. Oh yes.

Dilbert on User Interface Issues

April 26, 2009

A longtime favorite comic of mine (even before I ever stepped foot in an office) recently tackled common management stances on usability and user experience funding. Funny stuff.


[NOTE: The views expressed in this comic do not necessarily represent those from Infineuser.com… :)]