The Great Summer Shake Up

August 21, 2011

In fortunate parts of the world, summer often goes hand in hand with rest, travel, introspection, and micheladas. For some, summer brings a dizzying array of new experiences, connections, and insights. For others, it is a big reset. A step back towards our natural beginnings in those hot, muggy environments we all came from (whether that be the womb or the tropical climates where we evolved as a species). For many, summer is all about change.

Big change. Small change. Change.

However you slice it, the time has come for the Infinite User to change. Maybe it wasn’t the season alone. Maybe it that was that fateful weekend I watched all three installments of The Matrix (which are far better on DVR with the power of the rewind, by the way). Or that fine summer read, a good story can shake things up. Or shark week. Blame shark week.

Sign in London, England

Now *thats* a Construction sign -- banged up good.

A new era is upon us. And this weblog. One of opening in the gates and letting in the sun. Sharing faster. More insights, less delay. Posting, rampant posting. There is a time for the insightful thought piece. And these will come. But we have been catapulted into the era of the short attention span. It’s a glorious world out there, and it must be broken down. With more lessons and fewer words.

So with that, in the spirit of construction, change, progress, and summer — I’ll kick it off with a sign spotted in the bustling heart of London, England. A Construction sign. You’ll notice it actually has no words. But it does have a silhouette with a shovel. And wear and tear. A lot of it. It’s a gritty sign. A seasoned sign. One with character. One that tells a story and fulfills its purpose without using a single word. One that sends a message arguably better than its fresh-off-the-press counter-parts. There’s a lesson in there, go find it. And go to Europe too. Good food, cool buildings.

Stay tuned for more. (Much more.)


Feeds, Email updates, & Social media tools are here!

September 10, 2008

3 riveting ways to ingest & share this blog

At the request of several readers – and in the site’s own interest of survival and propagation in the ever-growing blogosphere – RSS feeds, email updates, and social media bookmarks have been added to Infiniteuser.  (More on what this means for the future of humanity and the blogosphere in the coming weeks).  See those shiny little icons in the top right of the sidebar?

Much like a giant spoon, feeds allow the web to come to you.  This video does a fine job of explaining the basic concept and how to use feeds: “RSS In Plain English.”  Here’s an article for the more literary-inclined.  Some of you may prefer to get blog updates in your normal email inbox, which is now also possible by subscribing here. So while I love your visits, go ahead and subscribe to get the latest posts the day they’re published.  It’s all about getting the content to you, the user, fast and easy.

You may also see a Share button like the one below from time to time, which will let you bookmark either the site or certain posts on popular social media tools such as Digg or Stumbleupon.  If you like an article, pass it along. 

Spread the word.

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Anatomy of a Strong Blog

July 10, 2008


One type of anatomy

One type of anatomy

I thought it would make sense to take a look at what makes a blog a good one, that is, from the user perspective, from those reading it.  All in the spirit of human factors and information design, but really – so you’ll come back!
I did some research: talked to blogging veterans and non-bloggers, consulted online guidelines, used a few search engines, read carefully through a dozen or so of my favorite blogs and perused some new ones.  Here’s the guidelines I like and am going to try to adopt for

  • * A consistent theme across entries
  • * Clear and informative post titles
  • * Links that tell people where they go – like the definition of anatomy
  • * Imagery that’s provocative & enticing, yet relevant
  • * A regular and consistent publishing schedule
  • * Succinctness: keepin’ posts short! – maybe the most important: the ultimate design challenge: high information value for little effort. Low cost, high return.  A minute of your time, days worth of lingering insights.
  • * Feedback through opening up comments and participation when appropriate
  • * And naturally, interesting subject matter you’ll find worthwhile reading and enjoy

We’ll see how well I stick to these. I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting this list one day.  I think it’s a good start, which is key for everything that evolves, blogs included.