A Super Design for a Super Day

In honor of this over-hyped yet misunderstood Great American Holiday, here’s a shout-out to beer. To great design. To two beautifully-placed perforated cardboard flaps, opening like a set of grand palace doors revealing the treasure within. Hand goes in, beer comes out. No more or less complicated than needed. Works in the fridge. Works on the balcony. Just works.

So, finally. In this era of vented-wide-mouth cans, vortex bottles, and countless other think-marketing-first gimmicks, we have a beer company that finally got something right. A simple, practical innovation… one that that truly makes life easier.

Now I don’t have a particularly strong taste for Bud Light, but one has to reward great design.

Sometimes it’s just that simple.  Cheers.


One Response to A Super Design for a Super Day

  1. Henky says:

    I’m glad to learn about this chair. I rlctneey began working from home and had been considering a Herman Miller Aeron chair. This looks like a more affordable alternative.

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