“This bag is not a toy” – a poem

— This Bag is Not a Toy —

This garbage bag has a note
A warning sign of sorts
It tells of danger and reminds us well
That it’s just a bag of course

Its printed twice, down the side
Trying to play on fear
In us the manufacturers confide
that there are dangers looming here

And let me ask, what little girl or boy
that came across this plastic thing
would mistake it for a toy?
(There’s not even a built-in draw-string)

Those special few to which it might look fun
I’d guess are too young to read
So the note is likely for adults
a point I will concede

Still it seems a bit overboard
A waste of ink at best
How ‘bout simply: “Keep away from kids”
And getting rid of the rest?

Just to be clear to those reading on
I’m not against safety
Just think we should pick & choose our words
I’d think most would agree

So I say, it’s silly sign
But just to make a splash
I thought I’d write it all out in rhyme.
Okay, time to take out the trash (seriously)

[Author’s note: please excuse the highly unconventional ABCB, ABAB (x3), ABCB (x2), ABAB format]


4 Responses to “This bag is not a toy” – a poem

  1. Luke says:

    then we might not only read them, but remember them!

    In a completely unrelated note, on a hair dryer I found the warning: “For internal use only.” WTF?

  2. Strange. Add that cryptic messaging to a long list of reasons I’ve never liked hair dryers..

  3. Harsha says:

    I truly enjoyed your poem. Truly.

  4. why thank you. took about six weeks to compose. but such is the plight of the artist, apparently. glad t’was enjoyed.

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