Is the “Eureka!” Moment a Myth?

Ever wonder where good ideas like the internet or wearable blankets come from?  Of course you have. Here’s one theory that comes with some compelling video work… quickest 4 minutes you’ll spend all week:

TED posted a longer version of Steve Johnson’s talk that fleshes out the historical importance of collaboration and idea incubation. He steps outside the frame of technology and focuses on creative inspiration and the problem-solving process itself. Pretty good stuff. Highlights include tangents on submarine warfare, Darwin, gravity, and the creative powers of alcohol versus caffeine.


2 Responses to Is the “Eureka!” Moment a Myth?

  1. Harsha says:

    Good find. Love how he used pictures to make a more impactful speech. Imagine just hearing the same content without the video – just not the same.

    That said, the content is thought provoking… Do you have the other piece of my puzzle? 😉

  2. Agreed. And extra points for the use of tortoise drawers, which never seems to fail… (See Ronald Dahl’s Esio Trot, a favorite of mine: )

    (Regarding that other piece, meet me at the corner bar at 8pm CT so we can incubate. And caffeine.)

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