The State of Internet Usage

Where does your website fall into the mix?

It’s huge.  It’s popular.  It’s in style .  It’s the current global catalyst of communication and information.  It’s the Internet.  And there’s a lot of people using it.  But what for, you ask?

In January the BBC charted the use of internet by measuring unique visitors and created treemaps charting the top 100 most visited websites as well as breakdowns by site categories. The result is a series of interesting and digestible visualizations of the madness that is the online world — at least from a traffic perspective. You’ll find some surprises, and some things you might expect. See for yourself, and keep on surfing.


2 Responses to The State of Internet Usage

  1. Harsha says:

    I expected the “Adult” volume to be much larger than that… I guess one of the largest $$ drivers doesn’t have to be the most visited. 🙂

  2. […] pattern of charting the intangible online spaces we increasingly inhabit. And different from other data-driven visualizations, this decidedly ‘new school’ version injects a subjective element while playing with […]

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