Heady Signs Off the Beaten Path

There's no "right" interpretation of the human form, right?

There's no "right" interpretation of the human form, right?

One night I was driving on a dark dirt road in the heart of rural Costa Rica when I came across this sign.  It seemed so familiar, but something was off about it, so I hit the brakes and looked closer.

It wasn’t its beat-up condition, nor the fact that we seemed miles away from any school that caught my attention. It was the silhouettes of the figures, their heads, they were huge! Far larger than the heads on the US version (pic on the right). Was the added emphasis to help humanize the picture in an effort to get drivers to slow down? Maybe they just didn’t grasp anatomy down there the same way American sign-makers did (real people’s heads are normal-sized down there). 

Later I looked back to the American version and noticed that at least on the Costa Rican sign the people had feet, let alone heads that are attached to their bodies. I cursed myself for looking too far into it, but I guess working in the design world has resulted in such observations becoming a staple of my life, wherever I go. 

So for now I’ll chalk it up to different artistic interpretations of the human form. But I figured it was a note-worthy distinction none-the-less. Indeed, indeed.

(Costa Rica is an incredible place to visit by the way, with a dizzying array of attractions and some of the most accessible and well-preserved natural beauty I’ve ever seen.)


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