Internet Surfing: Good for Brain, Productivity, and…

New research has unveiled yet another positive effect of killing time online!

An Australian study found that people who spent time leisurely browsing the internet at work (for up to but less than 20% of their time) are more productive than their non-surfing counterparts. The researchers say the breaks “allow the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher total net concentration for a day’s work, and as a result, increased productivity.”


And just last fall, a University California Berkeley study found that spending time poking around internet search engines may boost brain power and prevent cognitive decline later than life. Such online activities were found to result in a “greater engagement of neural activity” than readings books… Internet addicts around the world rejoiced and began to justify their habits as an investment in their mental longevity (while others were conflicted by the news, weighing whether the brain boost was worth the risks to their vision from staring at computers screens).

So let’s see, internet surfing is good for us, good for our employers… do you see what’s missing? That’s right, our families! It can only be a matter of time before a study emerged showing the positive effects of web surfing on our closest interpersonal relationships. And only then will the healthy trifecta of internet surfing will be complete. I can see the t-shirts now:  “Surfing the Web: Helping Yourself, Your Family, & Your Work since 1995.”

You heard it here first.


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