Stop That Train! (I’m Leaving)

A comical and compelling example of a classic design principle: the functionality/usability trade-off (sometimes called flexibility). Often we find that the more a product or system can do, the less likely it is to have smooth user experience – you know, like complicated remotes, super busy websites, restaurant menus with waaay too many options, etc.

So here’s a train that can transport large numbers of people (highly functional), but results in what seems like quiet an unpleasant experience for those boarding it. I think the footage speak for itself…


One Response to Stop That Train! (I’m Leaving)

  1. Felix says:

    Yes, I had heard about this in Japan, but this was the first time I actually saw it. When we were in Paris in October 2007 there was a transportation strike and everyone was trying to squeeze into the few trains that were available. We could have used some of those “squishers”!! We really got to know the French up close and personal.

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