When it’s more than just Seeing the Sign

We see thousands of signs every day of different shapes, colors, sizes, and meanings. Good signs. Bad signs. Confusing signs. Below are two examples of signage on the stimulus-heavy Venice Beach Boardwalk in southern California.

Exhibit A:  A cash-strapped tourist stands confused after a familiar sign leads him only to a lovely selection of hats (that he doesn’t have the cash to buy anyways…).  Result: The store looses out on both the ATM transaction – assuming they actually have one – and a potential hat sale because of the poorly placed sign.


Exhibit B:  An honest sign that actually points to a real ATM, but our hero is no where to be found!  Result: The accurate sign leads to better business and happier tourists, as patrons surely will at least consider a massage or new pair of sunglasses after loading up at the ATM.

Conclusion Anywhere and everwhere, good design and placement of signs is invaluable.


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