Factors in the Election

Since I recently suspended my own campaign for President of the United States (didn’t have the fund-raising power of some of my opponents), I figured I’d take the time to share some links in the spirit of the political season.  The 2008 US Presidential election is now just days away.  So what better time to remind everyone of the colossal real-world impact that tech design behind something like “voting” can have.  You did know there was an election coming up, didn’t you?



For those who like to read, this is a fantastic and thorough research piece on the history and state of voting issues.

Here’s an article on who to blame for electronic voting machine irregularities, as well as a recent tale of warning from elections in Finland.  Also, if you got a headache from watching any of those debates on TV and didn’t know why, here’s one theory.

And for those “Joe the Plumber” fans still hungry to hear more about him, here’s a community discussion thread on the idea of using his persona in usability and design.

Lastly, if you still don’t know who to vote for, take the Glassbooth Quiz to help you figure it out (claimed to be run by a non-partison, non-profit organization). First you choose the issues that are important to you, then you answer questions about those issues.  Also a great source for just digging up quotes, videos and sound bytes on candidates’ stances on issues that are important to you.  Pretty cool.

Happy voting, and have a great November 4th!


One Response to Factors in the Election

  1. evan says:

    Hungry for more “Joe the Plumber”? Is that even possible at this stage? He’s done more interviews than Palin.

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