A Rockin’ User Experience

Stress-relieving device (associated with relaxation and leisure) offered complimentary in a hectic and high-stress environment = a great user experience. 

Rock the stress away at PHL in Philadelphia

Rock the stress away at PHL in Philadelphia

Or, simplified:  {Rocking chair + Airport = Great}


Below is another comforting airport experience in the form of a lounge atmosphere complete with big screen TVs at Bradley International in Connecticut.  What a nice trend to see developing!


My apologies for the rocking chair picture coming out blurry, I was busy rocking in one of my own while taking the photo.  And I suppose it’s only fair to note that I almost missed my connecting flight because of how relaxed I was…

Lounging at BDL in Hartford

Lounge at BDL in Hartford


One Response to A Rockin’ User Experience

  1. […] of course, rocking chairs strategically placed in a waiting areas are always a win. As I’ve called out before. Works just as well as on the front porch. The ones pictured here were found in a South Beach hotel […]

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