Football: A superbly designed game

"I hope this helmet holds up."

"Boy, I sure hope these helmets were designed well."

Americans: the wait is over — football is back!  In honor the beginning of the NFL season, I thought I’d post this great article by Vinnie Mirchandani discussing innovations in the sport.  It gives a solid look at the technological reliance and complexities invovled in the modern game.

Football seems to have it all.  Strategy mixed with raw athletic talent, constantly evolving equipment to improve player safety, decision making battling physical limitations, finesse mixed with bone-crunching collisions. 

It’s a glorious game to watch: intelligent, graceful, and brutal at the same time.  It’s no wonder an estimated 75 million Americans watch football every weekend, nearly a quarter of the US population.  (Of course, there are several theories for this phenomenon…)  Enjoy the season.

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One Response to Football: A superbly designed game

  1. thanks for the mention…I wrote it 3 years ago…time for a refresh but in meantime have also written about tech in baseball, the Beijing Olympics, cricket…

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