OLYMPIC Technology

So fast.

So fast.

Aside from being the stage for world competition, the Olympics is the ultimate showcase of athleticism, human performance and limitations.  If you’ve been fortunate to view any of the events, chances are you’ve wondered some things, like how world records can be broken again and again, how such precise and accurate measurements are recorded, or whether you can find that tight spandex body-suit at your local sports store.

Well wonder no longer.  Here are some insightful articles on technology in the Olympics: from the way events are timed to the equipment the athletes use, from the way the events are viewed globally to the magic behind the opening ceremony, from the ethical questions to the pure physics of the events.

For both the athletes and technology involved, the Olympics are a spectacle of the grandest proportions.  Go world.



2 Responses to OLYMPIC Technology

  1. Felix says:

    I enjoy reading your blog! I followed some of the links and learned a lot about the use of technology in the Olympics. Hope you keep writing.

  2. […] – bookmarked by 1 members originally found by icewolf36 on 2008-11-06 OLYMPIC Technology http://infiniteuser.com/2008/08/23/olympic-technology/ – bookmarked by 6 members originally found […]

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