Anatomy of a Strong Blog


One type of anatomy

One type of anatomy

I thought it would make sense to take a look at what makes a blog a good one, that is, from the user perspective, from those reading it.  All in the spirit of human factors and information design, but really – so you’ll come back!
I did some research: talked to blogging veterans and non-bloggers, consulted online guidelines, used a few search engines, read carefully through a dozen or so of my favorite blogs and perused some new ones.  Here’s the guidelines I like and am going to try to adopt for

  • * A consistent theme across entries
  • * Clear and informative post titles
  • * Links that tell people where they go – like the definition of anatomy
  • * Imagery that’s provocative & enticing, yet relevant
  • * A regular and consistent publishing schedule
  • * Succinctness: keepin’ posts short! – maybe the most important: the ultimate design challenge: high information value for little effort. Low cost, high return.  A minute of your time, days worth of lingering insights.
  • * Feedback through opening up comments and participation when appropriate
  • * And naturally, interesting subject matter you’ll find worthwhile reading and enjoy

We’ll see how well I stick to these. I have a feeling I’ll be revisiting this list one day.  I think it’s a good start, which is key for everything that evolves, blogs included.


One Response to Anatomy of a Strong Blog

  1. Lizzy says:

    Your research has paid off. I really enjoyed reading your recent posts and reconnecting with technology via your blog on my return from France/Spain. And due to the lack of technology in most of that area of the world – I was unable to take your survey!

    I was in a little town called San Sebastian in Spain (you would have loved it!). The existence of technology there wasnt so overt, as it’s a seaside town that ascends upwards on rocky cliffs and the main social center was the cafe tables pouring out on the San Sebastian square. But there definitely was creativity, energy and inspiration exuding from the young travelers and the seasoned local patrons. All-in-all, it was a surreal escape from the technology life we are so plugged into here in the bay area everyday. I think it’s too difficult to live too long without one or the other.

    Here’s to creativity in whatever form it comes in.

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